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Meet the Team

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Rev. Carl Rollins, Sr.


Rev. Rollins is the Pastor of First Baptist Missionary Church in Stapleton, GA.  He brings over 30 years of experience and skills to the forefront in helping our Association reach the potential God will have for it. Moderator continues to work effortlessly to insure that this Association grows and succeeds.

Rev. James O. Nelson

Congress Dean

Rev. Nelson is the Pastor of Eden Missionary Baptist Church in Louisville, GA.


Rev. Vinson Miller

Director General

Rev. Miller is one of the Sons of the House of Greater St. Paul under the leadership of Pastor Isaac Culbreth. Rev. Miller was appointed as our new Director General by Moderator Rollins. Welcome to the Team!

Sis. Dedra Rollins

Women's Auxiliary President

Sis. Rollins is a member of First Baptist Missionary Church in Stapleton, GA. Where Moderator Rollins, her husband serves as the Pastor. She has been working in this Association for nearly 15 years. She works diligently beside her husband.


Rev. Jack Anderson

Congress President

Rev. Anderson is one of the sons of the Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church where Rev. Dr. Johnny Hampton serves as the pastor. 


Sis. Annie Parker


Sis. Parker is a member of Jones Grove Missionary Baptist Church in Louisville, GA. where her Pastor is Rev. Anthony Pierce.

Historical Highlights

Working Together, Believing in our Faith and Fellowship All while in God's Order.

The Walker Baptist Association was organized in the fall of 1868, at a meeting of representation of seven churches held at the Ways Grove Baptist Church in Stellaville, (Jefferson Co.) GA; and is therefore one of the oldest Associations in the state of Georgia,

The best information obtainable gives the following seven churches that entered the organization at Ways Grove; Franklin Covenant, Smith Grove, MeKennie Branch, Hopeful, Noah’s Ark and Springfield (Jefferson Co).

Franklin Covenant Baptist Church, four miles southeast of Hephzibah, GA, being the only separate and distinct Negro Church in the Hephzibah Association, which was at the time a white organization. It was thought expedient to organize their own Association with colored members holding fellowship with several of the white churches of the Hephzibah Association. In the history of the Hephzibah Association, Dr. W. L. Kilpatrick states that the individual member withdrew from their respective churches to form new churches with a view of making another association, occupying as far as necessary, the same geographical limits as the Hephzibah Association.

When the question arose as to what the name of the New Association should be, the name Rev. Joseph Walker (Deceased), former pastor of the Franklin Covenant Baptist Church was suggested, and the Association was named Walker Baptist Association. The first officers of the Walker Baptist Association chosen were: Rev. Peter Walker as Moderator, Brother Edward Young as Clerk, and Brother Charles Young Treasurer.

The Walker Baptist Association has a regular Missionary in her bounds, whose duty is/was to organize churches and to assist them in the establishment of public worship, as well as Sunday School.

At a meeting in 1878, the Walker Baptist Association body agreed to devote Saturday Night sessions to discuss the plans for the starting of the school. A drenching rain prohibited the body from carrying out its purpose, but three churches pressed their way, Kelsey Chapel, Murphy Ebenezer and Harper Grove.

We commend with heartfelt thanks the efforts of the Association to erect a high school in the bounds for the education of its young people. In 1881 the birth of the school began at the Thomas Grove Baptist Church in Waynesboro, GA and the first professor was Mr. H. B. Garvin. “We longed for the time to come when the Walker Baptist Association shall stretch forth her wings, when her sons and daughters shall be educated. 

The Walker Baptist Association is striving today, with the same mission” To Educate and Train. As we continue to move forward we reflect on the many trials and errors this Association endured, but through God’s Grace and Mercy and because of the challenging work, prayers and dedication of the many Moderator, Vice Moderators; 150 years later we are still standing.  This Association has five Annual event: Fellowship Banquet, Youth Convention, Congress of Christian Education, Women and Laymen Convention and our Annual Sessions

Under the leadership of Moderator Jerry Dudley, the Scholarship funds for our graduating youth from high school has been re-implemented. Our Ministers and Leadership Conference has been reorganized. The Walker Baptist Association owns 10 acres of Land in Avera, GA, but due to major renovations needing to be done on our present building, all of our events are held at membership churches of the Walker Baptist Association.

As we reflect, we can remember that the Late Rev. J. S. Wright held the longest tenure as Moderator.   Some of the known Past Moderators are: Rev. William B. Blount, Rev. Dr. Johnny R. Hatney (Deceased), Rev. Dr. Willie L. Jones, Rev. James O. Nelson, Rev. Jerry L. Dudley (Deceased), Rev. Tommie Walker, Jr., Interim Moderator, Rev. Chavas Boyd.

Our present officers serving today are:

Rev. Carl Rollins, Sr. Moderator, Pastor of First Baptist, (Stapleton)

Rev. James O Nelson Congress President, Pastor of Eden Baptist (Louisville)

Rev. Vinson Miller. Director General, St. Paul Baptist Church (Louisville))

Deacon Steve Trimble Laymen President, Harts Grove Baptist (Stapleton)

Dea. Johnny Gibbons Vice Pres. Laymen, Hardeman Springfield (Louisville)

Sister Dedra Rollins President, Women’s Auxiliary, First Baptist (Stapleton)​

Sister Danielle Allen Youth Director, Antioch BC (Augusta)

Sister Sharon Walden Secretary, Brinson Hill, (Wadley)

Sister Annie Parker Asst. Secretary, Jones Grove

Rev. James O. Nelson Treasurer, Pastor of Eden, (Louisville)

The Walker Baptist Association was once comprised of about 66 Churches, with only about 20 that remain active today.

Our theme for 2022 is: Can These Bones Live While Serving the Present Age?           Ezekiel 37:3-

Updated 3/2022

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